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GlobalTrack “We Make You See” January 8, 2013

Posted by Pieter Smits in Business.
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GlobalTrack held their 2012 team building event in Pretoria East, at the Leribisi Lodge on the 20th of October.

This one day workshop known as “Team Ignite” is designed to re-ignite the team’s passion for excellence! It was a targeted approach to enhancing self-understanding and team development.

This has resulted in the new and transformed GlobalTrack! GlobalTrack reflected, refocused and laid the foundation for their team to develop stronger patterns of interacting and move forward as a unified force, as GlobalTrack “WE MAKE YOU SEE”. This new slogan reflex the passion GlobalTrack has for their clients needs in asset monitoring.

Loaded with opportunities to experience deep personal insight; the session provided the GlobalTrack team with the opportunity to further develop interpersonal skills and boost confidence as they took on active, non-adversarial, approach to decision making, goal setting and conflict resolution.

CEO of GlobalTrack, Pieter Smits established, “We make you see” really reflects the passion from the whole GlobalTrack team to deliver an outstanding service to our clientele. We are here to help our client see where they can reduce cost and add value”.

The high energy, fun, interactive experience created an environment for participants to increase their self-awareness, understanding of team dynamics and learns to authentically and effectively connect with each other. Team GlobalTrack is now more than ever, passionate for excellence as a stronger more united team ready to add effective value to their clients.

For more information about Satellite Tracking visit the site (www.globaltrack.com).



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