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Carnation – Technical Fleet Services – Vehicle Tracking October 10, 2012

Posted by Pieter Smits in Business.
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In countries such as Africa, where there are no proper check points and infrastructure facilities, robust and reliable cargo tracking technologies are required. In these lines, South Africa-based GlobalTrack founded in 2001 provides asset monitoring technology covering wide range of industries including transport, security and marine. With regard to cargo security, GlobalTrack has been involved in tracking containers/high value cargo facilitating supply chain security and the company’s key focus industries are mining and oil. In the cargo security sector, GlobalTrack mainly covers Africa and Middle East regions. The company provides hardware based on the industrial requirements (cellular based, satellite based or combination of both) and the software known as WebTrack. GlobalTrack’s research and development (R&D) activities are carried out in South Africa, while manufacturing in Singapore.

GlobalTrack’s product offering includes tracking devices with transceivers using satellite or cellular networks, tracking software, battery powered integrated tracking device, message terminal, and rapid deployment kit (carrying satellite or cellular tracking device, message terminal and cables). Pieter Smits, CEO at GlobalTrack mentioned that the position of the tracking device is determined using GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites and this data is transmitted to communication satellites across the globe or cellular networks using suitable communication modes. Ultimately the information is sent to the GlobalTrack server where the data is processed and analyzed. This information could be accessed using secure link directing to WebTrack or it could be plugged into the third party’s security and monitoring systems.

With regard to monitoring cargo, a battery operated satellite tracking device is embedded on the cargo (the battery would last for 3 years). The WebTrack software links to the satellite tracking device mounted on the cargo and it generates the desired information of the cargo, for example arrival time, stop time, departure time, whether or not the cargo has made a U-turn and other such details. With these details and incase of emergency, armed guards or helicopters could be used to recover the cargo. The driving history and position of the cargo are made available either on a map or report format and warning signals are generated during emergency. Smits added that it is crucial to monitor the movement of the cargo and suitable tracking technology will protect the cargo from hijacking and so on. According to Smits, the cost of insuring the cargo has been one of the key driving factors towards the adoption of novel tracking technologies.

GlobalTrack’s satellite tracking technology has been also used by military personnel (during the war in Iraq) for tracking people and vehicles. In US, GlobalTrack’s satellite tracking system has been mainly used for maritime applications. The company is also involved in aviation tracking (tracking of aircrafts). Smits mentioned that GlobalTrack’s satellite technology offers global coverage, eliminates roaming costs and it is highly robust and reliable. These are the key benefits of their satellite tracking technology. GlobalTrack has recently released third generation WebTrack and it has plans to expand its cargo security market to West Africa and Middle East.

Details: Pieter Smits, CEO, GlobalTrack, Email: psmits@globaltrack.com. URL: http://www.globaltrack.com/



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