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Specific solutions catering for both the Transport Industry and the NGO community in Africa July 2, 2013

Posted by Pieter Smits in Business.
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In the Early months of 2013, the southern African nations were hit by massive floods. Downpours from Zimbabwe and South Africa caused floodwaters surging down the Limpopo river basin killing 91 and forcing 150,000 out of their homes in the Gaza Province. Severe damage to infrastructure, water supply and crops enforced Humanitarian Teams and non-governmental organisationsto seriously stretchresponse capacity to supply affected communities with access to clean water, food, health care and shelter. Delays at the respective borders in Southern Africa caused major downtime for cross border transporters resulting in unhappy customers due to delays in the delivery of their time sensitive consignments.

Given the scale of the disaster the floods caused the environments to become highly unstable isolating communities, requiring rescue and search teams to explore by boat or air. Not only were the communities endangered by the waters but alsocrocodiles which escaped into the Limpopo waters when dams which had been protecting reptile farms on the banks of the river overflowed.

In these trying times communication between the field teams and home base are virtually importantand one would pay any price to safeguard lives. Satellite coverage and optional cellular (GPRS) communication ensures the most cost effective means of communication by utilizing the cellular network in terrestrial areas and satellite networks while operating outside cellular coverage areas ensuring full global coverage while keeping cost low.

Safety and security are paramount; the need for highly evolved security measures through effective and reliable satellite tracking systems has become a necessity rather than a luxury. These harsh environments require specialised solutions.

The GlobalTrack Rapid Deployment Kit (BOT 340) with its Robust IP67 water- and dustproof enclosure will enable field teams to use a full satellite tracking system with battery backup in mere seconds with no installation requirements. This kit has a rechargeable battery and is activated by an external magnet, ensuring no wastage of battery life and airtime usage during rescue search. The Battery backup last for up to 2 days and can be easily charged up by simply plugging the unit into the cigarette lighter of a vehicle

GlobalTrack Rapid Deployment Kit (BOT 340) unit has an internal transceiver unit for features like a wireless panic button with up to 700 meters/yards operating range. This product would be Ideal for asset tracking and security applications for the Humanitarian Teams and non-governmental organisations risking their lives to safe other lives in Southern African nations.

For more information on Global Track’s Specific solutions catering for NGO’s and Humanitarian organizations NGO’s and Humanitarian organizations visit www.globaltrack.com